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Army Regulation 190-12: Military Police Military Working Dogs Regulations

Sept. 30, 1993 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 323
Regulations establishing responsibilities policies and procedures for direction, management & control of Army military working dog (MWD) program. Primary uses for MWD: Patrol dogs, Narcotics/Contraband detection, Explosives detection. Other listed uses include "Enemy prisoner of war control" (4-3, p10). No regulations specific to enemy POW control; general use of force regulations (4-2, p9): "release of MWD to apprehend a person suspected of commiting a serious offense is the minimum force necessary when the alternative is escape or the use of deadly force." "When necessary, the dog's ability to deliver a bite of pressure provides an added dimension of physical force as an alternative to the use of deadly force." (4-1).