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Statement of FBI Special Agent re: Baghdad Temporary Screening Facility Conditions

Sept. 1, 2004 | FBI | ACLU-RDI 5987
This document is a statement signed by an FBI Special Agent in the presence of a Supervisory Special Agent. The agent recounts their assignment by the Defense Humint Services Headquarters to lead a Humint Augmentation Team in support of a special mission unit task force in Baghdad. The statement focuses on a secret, overcapacity Temporary Screening Facility not registered with the International Red Cross in accordance with the Geneva Conventions. The facility was made of two sections: Motel 6, which was used to punish uncooperative detainees by confining them in cramped quarters, and Hotel California, which provided the basic accommodations required by the Geneva Conventions. During the agent's assignment they witnessed several detainee abuses, including: sleep and food/water deprivation, water interrogation, sexual harassment, and more. The agent made attempts to report these abuses, all of which were not welcomed. The first report caused him to be banned from the premises by a Sergeant Major, and a later report was "discouraged." Document name: DOJOIG001545.