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Email from JoAnn Dolan to Chuck Allen, Eliana Davidson, Karen Hecker and Others re: Human Rights Watch Report on Enduring Freedom

Mar. 10, 2004 | DOS | ACLU-RDI 4701
State Department email forwarded by JoAnn Dolan from Robert Harris concerning Human Rights Watch report critical of U.S. Action in Afghanistan. Mr. Harris' email has the comment "Human Rights Watch in the past few days issued a highly critical report of US actions in Afghanistan. As an example, the summary of the report states: "Yet today, on Afghan soil, the United States is maintaining a system of arrests and detention as part of its ongoing military and intelligence operations that violates international human rights law and international humanitarian law (the laws of war). In doing so, the United States is endangering the lives of Afghan civilians, undermining efforts to restore the rule of law in Afghanistan, and calling into question its commitment to upholding basic rights." The attachment is not included, and the email is heavily redacted.