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Court-Martial: Specialist Megan Ambuhl (Verbatum Record of Trial Included)

Aug. 11, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 962
Court Martial Records of SPC Megan Ambuhl, who did not participate in abuse of detainees, but pled guilty to Dereliction of Duty for not reporting the activities of MP and MI personnel at Abu Ghraib Prison. She was sentenced to forfeiture of 1/2 months pay for one month and reduction to Private. The Court Martial found that "SPC Ambuhl's decion not to report alleged detainee abyse at Abu Ghraib BCCF clearly appears to be related to her lack of training as a corrections officer, a lack of understanding of proper procedures regarding treatment of detainees, and perceived influences from civilian and military intelligence agencies who she assumed had authority of the hard site."