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Court-Martial: Specialist Jeremy C. Sivits, Vos. I of III (Verbatum Record of Trial Included)

May 19, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 2069
This is the Court-martial record of trial with the verbatum transcript of the proceeding of Specialist Jeremy C. Sivits. Spc. Sivits pleaded guilty to some charges and was found guilty of others. The charges were that on November 8, 2003 Spc. Sivits conspired with a Staff Sergeant and others in the mistreatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. Spc. Sivits: 1) took photographs of nude detainees being forced into a human pyramid position; 2) negligently failed to protect detainees from abuse, cruelty and maltreatment; 3) did maltreat a detainee, a person subject to his orders, by escorting the detainee to be positioned in a pile on the floor to be assaulted by other soldiers, as it was his duty to do; and 4) did maltreat several detainees, persons subject to his orders, by taking a picture of said detainees who were laying on a pile on the floor, while another guard, kneeled on top of the pile of detainees.The sentence was a reduction to the grade of Private (E-1); to be confined for one year and to be discharged with a bad-conduct discharge. The forfeiture of pay was ordered waived effective May 22, 2004, for a period of six months, with the direction that those forfeitures be paid to the accused's wife for her personal financial support.