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CID Report: 0374-04-CID093-65446

Dec. 28, 2004 | CID | ACLU-RDI 148
A Colonel new to a military Company found movie entitled “Ramadi Madness” on the hard drive of the combat Company’s computer in the Company’s facilities in St. Augustine, Florida and reported the matter to CID. The movie was a composite of several video clips of wounded enemy prisoners of war (EPW) flexi-cuffed on the ground; a soldier kicking a prisoner in the face; a flexi-cuffed EPW being interrogated; and a soldier holding prisoner as he struck him in head with rifle butt. A sergeant admitted to compiling the video in January 2004. The Colonel, who reported the discovery of the video tape, had only recently taken command of the Company, and was not part of the Company when the video was made. The investigating CID officer determined that the video contained “inappropriate rather than criminal behavior”, and the investigation was terminated because there “would be of little or no value or leads remaining to be developed [that] are…significant” in part because the personnel who would be criminally implicated are no longer in the military, and only federal, not military, charges would be applicable and/or pursued against them now that they are civilians.