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CIA Memo for Deputy Director for Science and Technology re: OTS Support to CIA's Interrogation Programs

May 1, 2004 | ACLU-RDI 6749
This May 2004 memo to the Deputy Director for Science and Technology discusses the Office of Technical Service's (OTS) support of the Counterterrorism Center (CTC) by: 1) developing the enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs); 2) hiring SERE psychologists/interrogation trained IC contractors, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, among others; 3) getting DOJ and White House approvals for the use of EITs; 4) training future interrogators; and 5) reviewing the conditions of the detention and interrogation center; and finally 5) phasing out direct OTC support of the program, including transferring the tasking of the IC contractors to the C/CTC/RDG.